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3 Steps To Focus On When Writing Ecommerce Titles

3 Steps To Focus On When Writing Ecommerce Titles


When it comes to writing titles for your products in your Ecommerce, for some people it’s  a challenge, for us it’s the digital voice of your sales person. Sometimes we don’t find the right way to communicate but learning how to communicate with your consumer it’s a never ending labor.

We give you some points to assure you are communicating with a clear and persuasive voice in the digital world.


What is your goal?


The goal of your title needs three main things: capture attention, provide information and evoke emotions.


  • Attention: Think about the valuable characteristics your product or service is offering and let them be stars of the show.


  • Information: Question yourself about the things your audience is looking for, theirs needs, what matters to them, the most important thing in this section is don’t let your customers guessing.


  • Emotions: Explain why you are doing what you´re doing, follow your brand, your mission and your values.


Put yourself into my shoes


Put yourself in the situation or circumstances of your customer, empathize with their perspective or point of view.

Increase the chances of a click and anticipate what they are going to ask by answering in your product title.

  1. What is this?
  2. What shape/color/material is it?
  3. Who is it for?
  4. What makes it special?






This is the key to having a good title, focus on  keeping it helpful but simple.

Maybe in our mission to provide every detail of our product and we make the mistake of a full of unnecessary information and confusing titles. 


Those types of titles scare the customers and they’ll click away immediately.

Pay attention to details like punctuation, highlighting the most important characteristics of your product, remember there’s a whole paragraph called description where you can add as many characteristics as needed.

Dominic Ramírez
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