Winners of the Tenth Adolf Horn Award

Because of our innovative focus on corporate culture and passion to help Small and Medium Enterprises, we won the Tenth Adolf Horn Award for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

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Author: Bety Jáuregui


First things first, what is a CRM? We define CRM as a concept, something much more robust and valuable than a simple sales software used by large companies. CRM is defined as Customer Relationship Management. It is a concept that incorporates software, methodologies, processes, and a change in thinking. A CRM  serves as a platform for establishing customer relationships. A well-implemented CRM helps you follow up, manage tasks,...

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Building a multi-channel presence is important to your business because the more touchpoints a client has with you the more the chances are to achieve a purchase. Now, regarding email marketing, a typical misconception is that it doesn’t work anymore.    The truth? It is better than social media marketing.   Some studies like McKinsey & Company’s have shown that email marketing is three times faster than social media...

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The pandemic forced businesses all around the world to accelerate their digital transformation. In the article “Pandemic Accelerated Shift To Digital, And Nobody Is Going Back” the author gives us facts about today's eCommerce situation. One of the main topics we will discuss is the unsaid demand for user experience improvement. Why is this important to your company? Because the digital market is getting full...

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