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A Quick Guide To Build Your B2B Email Marketing Campaign.

A Quick Guide To Build Your B2B Email Marketing Campaign.

Building a multi-channel presence is important to your business because the more touchpoints a client has with you the more the chances are to achieve a purchase. Now, regarding email marketing, a typical misconception is that it doesn’t work anymore. 


The truth? It is better than social media marketing.


Some studies like McKinsey & Company’s have shown that email marketing is three times faster than social media when it comes to converting a lead into a client. This way to communicate with your audience is great because you can speak directly to your client and personalize the message you are sending to him.


When it comes to B2B companies this marketing strategy works really well because through it you can target and reach different companies and separate them according to their characteristics like industry or even more specific like every type of buyer personas a company has.


In order to create a great campaign, you must take into consideration two things: planning and good implementation. Having in mind these elements will help you to maximize the leads and improving the conversion rate by using the less possible resources. 


Let’s see how to create an email marketing campaign step by step:


1. Generate a Subscribers List


First, we will need to create a robust list of contacts. To achieve this you can ask the people for their personal information but they should have something in exchange so they can trust you and give you the info. Here are some examples of what you could give them:


  • A free trial.
  • A downloadable guide about an interesting topic for them. 
  • Case studies.
  • Access to a webinar or special event.


2. Define Your Target Audience


Having a massive list is not useful unless you make sure they are the right people. You need to target the companies (or people from the companies) you are interested in, those who may be interested or may need some of your products or services.


Here is a list of elements that you ought to consider:


  • Demographics
  • Geographics
  • Industries they belong to
  • Job titles
  • Behaviors


And everything you need to know about them that is relevant for your organization.


3. Construct Your Mail


We got the list now we need the material we want to send. The email should be so attractive so nobody can miss it. If nobody opens it, everything we have done so far is worthless. 


Design something that stands out, is user-friendly, and also communicates your idea correctly


You can put cool buttons and call to action to guide your audience to the path you want them to follow, to get the results you planned. 


Remember you can (and should) put images in the mail, this will give the people a better idea of what you are telling them.


4. KPI’s


The strategic part has arrived.


If you want to know if your strategy worked or not you must set tome goals and define your success metric. The Key Performance Indicators will give you the answer about the job the campaign did, to set this KPI’s you may ask yourself some of the following questions:


“Am I looking for the people to sign up at my webinar?” 

“Do I want them to download something from the mail?”

“Will I be happy if they just opened up the mail?”

And finally, “what numbers would represent success to me?”


5. Test the Emails


You may not get it right the first time (if you do, well congrats!) but there is no need to panic. In these situations, you can do some A/B testing to improve the strategy and its results. 


When you do tests try changing the content, the communication tone, the images, or whichever element you think could work best.


6. Cleaning the List


Once you launch the campaign and start testing with various elements you can start cleaning your contacts list. Eliminate periodically those who never even opened the mail so you assure to have only the right contacts on the list. This way the results of the campaign will be better each time you filter the list.




Make the email your friend and try to get the most out of it. It’s a powerful tool that will help your B2B strategy to be so much effective. 


And we get it, everything we just told you may be a lot of work the first time but it is definitely worth it. The good news is now that you have everything set up you just need to be detailing the strategy to improve it.


Let us know if you have any doubt or if we can help you with your email strategy. We are always glad to help.

Bety Jáuregui
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