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How To Survive The Digital Transformation Era

How To Survive The Digital Transformation Era

The pandemic forced businesses all around the world to accelerate their digital transformation. In the article “Pandemic Accelerated Shift To Digital, And Nobody Is Going Back” the author gives us facts about today’s eCommerce situation. One of the main topics we will discuss is the unsaid demand for user experience improvement.

Why is this important to your company? Because the digital market is getting full of merchants and we are sure you don’t want to get lost among them.

Let’s talk about some obstacles and opportunities you may find on the road to conquer the digital market:


  • Acceptance of the digitalization 

The first step into the digital world was hard to make, that’s for sure. Now people feel comfortable with technology and its benefits. So, there you have a chance to create experiments that bring more value to your customers. 


  • User’s expectations 

User’s expectations are going up about the experience they get when on a website or with a digital product. They spend more time on the internet, therefore, they are getting conscious about what they want from companies.

  • Clients’ loyalty 

It is hard to maintain client’s loyalty because the online market is full of enterprises selling millions of products different from each other in characteristics, benefits, and prices. But wait, nobody said it was impossible. Boost your creativity and enhance your product’s value when creating new retention strategies.


What you will need to surpass these obstacles


  1. Understand the digital customer behavior when he interacts with you online.
  2. Analyze what are the actions that lead your customers to the purchase. This way you can create strategies to guide more clients to that key point.
  3. Improve the digital user experience. The secret is to keep things easy to find and faster to get.


You can find more information about the study in this link: 😄

Bety Jáuregui
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