Winners of the Tenth Adolf Horn Award

Because of our innovative focus on corporate culture and passion to help Small and Medium Enterprises, we won the Tenth Adolf Horn Award for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Our Services


Lead Generation Campaigns with Google Ads


We develop your lead generation and brand positioning campaign on Google. We design, implement and monitor your Google Ads campaign to generate high quality leads at the lowest cost possible that boost your sales. We identify your buyer persona to create an ad-grid where we combine creative messages with the analysis and interpretation of data to optimize your campaigns and get better results.

We work hard to optimize the key performance indicators of your campaigns (cost per click, CTR, cost per acquisition, conversion rate, etc.) to get a better return of investment for every penny you put into your digital campaigns.

We know that if you don’t get results, you’ll cancel your campaign. We want to work with you for a long time, so we’ll commit to your goals.



What’s included with the service?

Creation of buyer persona and ad-grid
Building of keyword list and ads
Investment strategy and estimate
Experiments and A/B testing
Daily monitoring and data analysis
Proposals and new optimization strategies
Constant reporting of the campaign’s performance


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